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100 Hoxton

Rating: Eggs Benedict - Eggs Royal


London brunch review - 100 Hoxton. Everyone who knows Hoxton Street knows that gastronomic paradise has to be looked for somewhere else. I read about "100 Hoxton" when it opened and when I went on their website later on they recently had just launched a brunch menu. A gig in the Hoxton Music Hall a while back actually made me walk down Hoxton Street and I found myself looking at the menu again which is displayed in the window. It sounded good. Hm, or should I say I immediately made up my mind that this has to be part of Go for brunch, London! ?


It is the weekend before everyone leaves the capital to go home for the Holidays. The streets are still empty on an early Saturday morning and the charity singers on Hoxton Street Market are spreading the feeling of Christmas during the barkers are trying to get rid of their last trees.


The restaurant is still empty when I enter, but this actually makes it easier for me to take pictures of the warehouse style interior. It is kept simple with a part-open kitchen and a bar which is placed right in the middle of the room. The waitress is on my side immediately.


The menu is short but contains everything you could possibly be asking for (except all you want for breakfast is cereals, but hey – you can have them at home as well!) – cocktails, coffee, juices and different sorts of breakfast dishes.


The coffee and the Bloody Mary are ordered within the blink of an eye. And then we wait – actually quite a long time – till the drinks are being served. When I spot my drink though everything is forgotten and forgiven: man, this is a Bloody Mary made with love! The drink is refreshing and has a slight taste of cucumber – as does the jug of tap water we ordered on the side.


When the food is being served it actually takes me a while till I can start eating – way too many pictures have to be taken. My partner in crime dives into the “100 Hoxton Big Breakfast” which consists of pork belly, spring onion hash, fried eggs, mushroom, tomato & avocado salsa & jalapeño dressing” and is more than satisfied and filled up for the rest of the day.


I go for the “Portobello Mushrooms on toast with fried eggs, sun-blushed tomatoes and rocket” and the “Burnt Eggplant Salad with toasted coconut, cherry tomato, apple, beetroot and hazelnuts”. The first one is what you expect, but nicely decorated and very tasteful. The latter is paradise. I would never have combined those ingredients, but this salad is refreshing, exotic, healthy and a colour-intense plate of unusualness. Give me more!


What do we learn from this lesson? Make it your New Year’s Resolution to give yourself a kick from time to time, just go out and try something new – no matter if you like it or not in the end, the experience is worth it! So, don’t waste any more time –

go for brunch, London!




Cappuccino: ....................................................................................£2,50

Bloody Mary: ...................................................................................£6,50

100 Hoxton Big Breakfast: Pork belly, spring onion hash,

                                            fried eggs, mushrooms, tomato &

                                            avocado salsa & jalapeno dressing ......£9,50



100 Hoxton, 100-102 Hoxton St, Shoreditch, London N1 6SG

Open: Tues-Fri: 5pm to midnight, Sat/Sun: 11am to midnight

Phone: 020 7729 1444




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