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Caravan King's Cross

Rating: Eggs Benedict - Eggs Royal


London brunch review - Caravan King’s Cross. Should I risk it? Compared to three hours ago the clouds seem to be rather fading away instead of bringing rain. I got warned though; I can jump the queue and get a table outside, but if it starts raining I’m not guaranteed a table inside. Can you imagine me desperately running off with my plate in hand trying to protect what I’ve been looking forward to since I woke up? On the one hand this is serious, we are talking about food. On the other hand I miss out on the really cool interior. The building is an old grain store with high ceilings, little light, an open kitchen and an impressive bar. I check the sky for a very last time and nod. No risk, no fun, right? Before I follow Mr Wait-to-be-seated I quickly grab one of the chocolate brownie pieces offered on the counter. Yes, that’s a good start!


You just have to forget all about bad-hair-days and start believing in luck a little bit. As soon as I sit down the sun comes out. And it never leaves. To an extent where I have to nurse my sunburn from the moment I get home till I peel off the skin a few days later. Well, but the sun is out and I am happy :)


Going through the broad menu offering everything from baked goods like croissants, muffins and alike, fruits and cereal, different delicacies served on toast and proper brunch dishes which are more a full meal than anything else I almost immediately know what I want and I’m desperate to share my decision with the staff. As it seems I’m not the only one. Over my two-hour-stay every single table around me has to literally stop waiters running around like chicken which just got cut off their heads and ask them if they could place their order. I also have to ask my table to be cleaned when my waiter wants to put the napkin exactly in the spot where it is full of dried spilled coffee. Is he blind or basically doesn’t care? Service definitely has room for improvement at this other than that awesome King’s Cross venue.


From that limping start onwards all gets better. My cappuccino arrives and tastes great. The only thing crossing my mind is Latte Art has to be improved and extended in the capital! This is my third cappuccino that weekend and it is also the third one with a heart created out of the foam. As much as I enjoy the love-is-in-the-air-theme, a bit of a change in symbols would be great.


My brunch arrives exactly as I ordered it: “Caravan Fry: eggs, field mushrooms, slow roast tomatoes, bacon on sourdough or grain toast”, but instead of the tomatoes I go for avocado. The bacon is super-crispy, the eggs are near perfection (see picture!) and the bread is not just a slack and chewy piece drowned in oil. Every bite is a delight. I lean back with my eyes closed enjoying the peace around me children playing in the fountain on Granary Square. No cars disturb the silence since the main road is far away. The University of the Arts London which has part of its college next door brings out deckchairs which invite you to stick around for the rest of the afternoon.


After finishing my meal I decide to stay a little longer and order a Bloody Mary. Bloody hell! It was good. Seriously, I’m not exactly sure what they put in it, but it has a thicker texture than elsewhere. No need to add tabasco or salt and pepper. You stir it with the celery and just enjoy. The vodka doing its job at this point I have almost forgotten about the issues at the beginning.


Come here in summer to hang out outside, come here in winter to be part of the Caravan world, bring a bit of patience and order a Bloody Mary! However - go for brunch, London!




Cappuccino: .....................................................................................£2,60

Bloody Mary: ....................................................................................£7,50

Caravan fry: eggs, field mushrooms, slow roast tomato, bacon

                    with sourdough or grain toast: ....................................£9,00



Caravan King's Cross, Granary Building, Granary Square, 1, London N1C 4AA

Open: Saturday - Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Phone: 020 7101 7661




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