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The Breakfast Club Spitalfields

Rating: Eggs Benedict


London brunch review - The Breakfast Club. Ask anyone in London about brunch or breakfast and where to be able to actually enjoy the bliss of eggs, muesli and alike all day long. Like in a brainstorming activity one of the first names which springs to mind is “The Breakfast Club”. Known by tourists as well as locals it always offers a space to relax and enjoy very tasty food. Clever as they are they have cafes in North, East, Central and South London. I personally haven’t checked on the most recently opened eatery in Battersea, but I guess their quality can be trusted even south of the Thames. This is why there will follow a new outlet in London Bridge soon.


There is one downside to its popularity though – during “rush hour” you have to live with a minimum of a 30-minute-waiting time. The queue might be shorter during the week, but even at unusual eating times almost every table is occupied. And therefore the service might be slower than somewhere else.


Do you remember the good old 80s with their (let’s call them interesting) hair styles, expressive clothes and some really awesome and legendary music and movies? Of course you do! And then you don’t have to think any further, because the high school movie “The Breakfast Club” comes to mind. Every store of them is designed similarly. The 80s lead the way, every chair is different, picture postcards on the wall, big neon lights blinking and the staff definitely follows the 80s style, but as we know in 2013 London this doesn’t even stand out.


The menu has basically everything. The smoothies are delicious and therefore even offered in jugs for sharing. And they look and taste healthy, too. Especially the “Carrot, lime and ginger juice” helps you clear your mind after a long and intense night out. The cocktail menu isn’t bad either for those who decide to kick-start the day with a shot of alcohol. The variation in coffee drinks is given, but don’t expect real barista miracles. The coffee is good and smooth, but if you want the real coffee experience, that’s probably not the first place to go to on my list. Rather concentrate on the food!


There are so many different dishes – eggs in every medley you can crave for, sandwiches which are not only delicious but also fill you up for the whole day, The Full English (“The Full Monty”) and a vegetarian version (“Reggie the veggie”) are as well available as cereals, Greek yoghurt, cinnamon French toast, pancakes and a loooooooot of Chorizo :) Like the main song of the movie soundtrack “Don’t you (Forget about me)” by the Simple Minds you can’t forget about your eating experience and therefore “The Breakfast Club”!


I personally have to say I really do miss this one plate full of toast, cocktail tomatoes, mushrooms, poached egg and parmesan. I can’t remember the correct name, but every single time I’m looking for it on the menu and still can’t find it a sad moment occurs. So, BRING IT BACK!!!


In the evenings you can also go for hearty burgers, even old-school Mac ‘n Cheese, Nachos, salads and pies in different styles and a very tasty Chili can Carne. So, really, “The Breakfast Club” offers an all-day eating experience. And if you have an appointment with the Mayor in Spitalfields, you might be able to enjoy a drink at “The Mayor of the Scaredy Cat Town” ;) Watch out for the fridge is all I’m saying!

Wanna get in the queue as well? Then – go for brunch, London!






Cappuccino: .......................................................................................£2,50

Bloody Mary: ......................................................................................£7,20

The Full Monty (Bacon, sausage, black pudding, eggs,

home-style fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans,

grilled tomato and toasted multigrain bloomer):................................£9,70



The Breakfast Club

Angel, Battersea, Hoxton, Soho, Spitalfields

Open: Daily, please check for each location seperately

Phone: 020 70789636

Email: For reservations and bookings contact the BC café of your choice directly






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